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Home Loans For Less

Longstanding U.S recession is so widespread and disastrous that it has almost shook the entire U.S economy from its roots. It has resulted in a loss of jobs of U.S citizens at a wide scale. Immense economic turmoil also includes the state of Arkansas. Unemployment has ultimately led to bankruptcy as people are selling off their properties to fulfill their basic needs. Apart from the great deal of losses encountered due to poor economic circumstances, one of the benefits that recession serves with is low interest rates which are actually as low as never before in the U.S history.

In spite of the back breaking high repayments which people have to pay on their previous loans even in this difficult time, it is best to switch to new loan schemes which are now associated to very low interest rates. Now it is an option to go for education loans, business loans, car loans, housing loans etc. Considering the Arkansas refinance rates which are very reasonable, people must quickly start investing in construction and real estate that is no doubt a successful business and will also pull out the state’s economy soon from devastating economic condition.

House sales in Arkansas were 4.8% lower than the previous year. It was quite low in the first half of 2010 unless the Federal Government launched home buyer tax credit program was launched. After the initiation of this program great amounts of investments are seen to be made in home sales. Looking at the rapid progress of the state, it is predicted that the economy will prosper quite well in 2011. The unemployment rate in December 2010 was 7.9%, no change from the previous month. According to the house survey, another 13,000 became unemployed while labor force increased by 6000. Around the consecutive 3 month strength of laborers has been increasing. Since September labor force increased by 18,000 after its continuous drop in 37,000 laborers in the initial of 2010. Job opportunities are improving

Arkansas refinance rates are not only enabling one of making a good business in the field of real estate, but are also providing the facility to refurnish one’s house according to ones own will. All accessories and furniture people require to set up a new look of their home is readily accessible according to the new plans. Moreover one can take opportunity, and make some assets until these reasonable Arkansas refinance rates exists.Thus people can buy property which can be quite beneficial to them after their retirement. They can much later sell off the additional houses, make money and can easily maintain their lifestyle, or they can also invest the gained profits in some other business after retirement.

Isn’t it Possible

The Arkansas Razorbacks came into this season with a new Athletic Director, a new Head Coach, a new coaching staff, and a team made up primarily of either underclassman, with little on-field experience, or straight up freshman, that were playing football on Friday nights just last fall.

Along with the new coach (who is commonly touted as an offensive genius), came the new coach’s playbook, which is reportedly voluminous and complicated. So, in addition to having a very green team, the few upperclassmen we held onto had to learn a completely new offensive strategy from a coaching staff that is very different from years past.

Throw in our schedule, which is the toughest we have seen in years, and it is understandable why the general consensus was that the Razorbacks would be lucky to win even half of our games in this season of rebuilding. After the first few games, most folks residing outside the 501/870/479 area codes were pretty sure we wouldn’t see another win all year.

So it was no surprise to me last weekend, after beating #20 ranked Auburn, that all ESPN had to say was “How bad is Auburn? Even the Razorbacks could beat them!” It was no surprise, but it was still disappointing, because no one is seeing the big picture coming out of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Honestly, unless you have seen every game, you will probably write me off as another one of those delusional drink the Kool-Aid Razorback optimists. But I am here to tell you, if you have watched every game, we wouldn’t seem nearly as delusional as everyone likes to believe.

First of all, yes, we were optimistic coming in to this season; primarily because of the much needed change in the coaching staff, as well as a few of the freshmen that they were able to pull into the fold right before signing day. Even in the midst of a last minute and volatile coaching change, we were able to not only keep ALL of our commitments to the former coaching staff, but were able to pick up Tyler Wilson (4 star QB), who was committed to Tulsa; and Joe Adams (4 star ATH), who was committed to USC. Both players have seen successful field time this year already.

In addition to those two players, we also had Ryan Mallett, Michigan’s 5-star QB out of Texarkana last year, transfer to Arkansas. He is red shirting this year (because of the transfer), but we sure are excited to have him for next year. We also had D’Anthony Curtis, Matt Hall (6’9″ 300lb OT), Jarius Wright, and Jericho Nelson; four 4-star freshmen coming in. The raw talent we have on our team right now is amazing. But they are young, and that was supposed to eclipse any prospect of having a competitive team in the 2008-2009 season. Sorry that us wee little piggies didn’t buy into that.

We started our year out with two non conference games that should have been absolute blowouts. Western Illinois and Louisiana-Monroe proved to be a little tougher than even the team had planned on, and we ended up squeaking by each team in the 4th quarter.

If you saw the games (and I did), you would have seen that our boys never got wide eyed… even facing double digit deficits at points in both games. You would have also seen that we had some really complicated plays that we pulled off with ease. Our offense looked incredible for much of both of these games, although at times it was inconsistent and there were some very obvious freshmen errors, which were to be expected. Our defense was anemic at best. With two seniors suspended, the senior leadership was indeed lacking and it was very apparent. In the first game, we were also missing our junior running back, Michael Smith (keep an eye out for this little dynamo that has been living in the shadow of McFadden and Jones for two years).

Our third week, against long time rival Texas, got postponed due to Hurricane Ike. As soon as we got the news, Petrino and his staff had the Bama plans printed and distributed to all the players. It has been widely reported that they switched game plans with an hour’s notice. THAT was impressive.

Unfortunately, having the extra time to prepare for Bama didn’t really help us much. They slaughtered us…in every direction. That was a letdown because usually the Arkansas-Alabama game is a toughy for both teams; coming from the same conference, there is a lot of natural rivalry present. This was the game that we all started realizing just how much work still needed to be done.

Turning around the following week and playing the Texas make-up game, we didn’t fare much better. They pretty much ran all over us as well. I didn’t see this game (maybe thankfully) because I reside in North Carolina where ABC chose to air the Seminole game instead, but I did get to listen to it via RazorVision. It was dismal. The amazing part about this was how the players and coaches seemed as perplexed as the fans…they knew how they practiced during the week, but something just wasn’t jiving when they took the field. At this point, from the interviews with the players, you could tell they were starting to get a little miffed.

The next game in our brutal series was against Florida. They had just been taken down by Ole Miss the week before and we knew that Tebow and the gatorboys were going to roll into Fayetteville with a chip on their shoulder. We didn’t expect to win this game, especially after Bama and Texas steamrolled us, but what we saw during the game was certainly uplifting.

The final score really wasn’t indicative of the game that was played. We were solidly in that game all the way through the 3rd quarter, at which point we imploded as a team and got blown out. However, overall, I was very pleased with our performance in this game.

Our O was dynamic, and our D did a great job of holding Tebow. We forced Timmy to throw his first interception in over 200 pass attempts. In the 3rd quarter, we were down by 10, we actually had a shot, things were going great, then it all fell apart in the 4th resulting in a final score of 38-7. I can tell you, we were certainly the happiest fans that ever got beat by 31 points. That is because we had been watching, and we knew it was a turning point.

Torn Apart By a Tornado

It is hard to put into words what it is like when your world is torn apart by a tornado. I live in Carthage, Missouri near Joplin, where on May 22, 2011 my family and I survived an EF-5 tornado. Unfortunately, 161 people and over 7,000 homes did not.

The pictures on television cannot accurately portray the reality of the city after that storm. Much of the city’s infrastructure and landmarks were destroyed. I am a US Naval Academy graduate, Class of 2000 (’00 for short). As it happens, during this time a team of midshipmen (the name for Academy students), led by one of my classmates, LCDR John Woods ’00, were in the area for a USNA summer training evolution through the Oceanography Department called SWIFT (Severe Weather In-Field Training). Two days after the storm, the training group diverted to the Joplin area to assist with Search and Rescue before returning to Annapolis. During their search in the debris field just outside of town, the team found a tattered American flag in the woods and took it with them back to USNA.

Those mids never forgot Joplin or the aftermath they witnessed of the storm. Four of the members of the original team, along with six other members of MAG (Midshipmen Action Group), decided to return to Joplin in March 2012. Led by Midshipman Stephanie Migut ’12, this group of ten mids gave up their spring break. My guess is they gave up a lot to come to Joplin, but looking back on it, I bet they were glad they chose “the road less traveled.”

The storm was ten months ago. Joplin has come a long way since then; yet there are still jarring reminders of what happened. Houses still in shambles and businesses are still torn apart; the rebuilding of lives continues. The midshipmen were put to work with a local Lutheran church-based foundation called Transform Joplin. The team worked on cleaning glass and debris out of yards for people who were unable to do so for themselves, re-shingling roofs and preparing housing foundations for new homes. The mids worked very hard for Joplin, and the families they helped are incredibly grateful.

As a Blue & Gold Officer for the Four States area (SW Missouri, SE KS, NW OK and a tiny bit of AR), I jumped at the chance to support these mids when they offered to visit a local school to promote the USNA STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) program. At a local elementary school, Stephanie Migut ’12, Ryan Schmidt ’13, Marhall Liu ’14 and Lucille Lu ’14 conducted science experiments with the kids and answered their sweet, very honest questions. Who knows? Maybe one of these young fourth graders will become a midshipman one day.

Remember the flag the mids had found during shortly after the tornado hit? John Woods arranged to have the flag delivered to CDR Timothy A. Rexrode, CO of the USS MISSOURI (SSN 780) to fly over the submarine in honor of Joplin. A case was made specifically for the tattered flag at USNA which was then presented to the Mayor of Joplin, Mike Woolston, during the mids’ trip. The Mayor is a former Marine Corps officer who was touched not only by the fact the midshipmen brought the flag back home but that they were helping Joplin’s citizens. There is a plan to build a museum in Joplin dedicated to the tornado, and the flag will be prominently displayed there.

Toward the end of the trip, the mids and I travelled south of Joplin to Bentonville to meet with the Arkansas alumni, most notably RDML Luke McCollum ’83, at Wal-Mart headquarters. There we had a short leadership symposium with other Walmart alumni where we told sea stories and some lessons learned for the mids. After a wonderful lunch together, we all visited Crystal Bridges, the brand new Museum of American Art in Bentonville. Again, the visitors to the museum were amazed to see midshipmen in uniform. It was uplifting to have civilians, adults and children stop the midshipmen to ask them about where they were from and their experiences. The more we can promote the Naval Academy the better!

To bring this story to a close, I can only say I was intensely proud of the midshipmen. As we transit through the Academy and leave its hallowed halls, we can only hope that the classes that come after us will continue to uphold the traditions and honor of our school and the Navy. This team showed the Southwest Missouri area the best of what the United States Naval Academy stands for.

5 Things I Like About Living in Mountain Home, Arkansas

The Red, White and Blue Festival. Each summer we have a classic small town America festival. It begins with a parade that starts at the hospital and proceed down highway 5 then through main street highway 62 right past the historic downtown square and the yellow brick courthouse. Each evening, we things cool off, nightly entertainment begins.

There is often music on the square or at Arkansas State University, and on Saturday night is the town’s fireworks celebration. During this festival, there is always a rodeo. Crowds are friendly and safe. Children and teens can run around freely without fear of being kidnapped.

Another thing I really like about our town is the high school football games in the fall. Many football booster club members support the team with fund-raising and by coming out to the games. Many attendees to the Friday night football games not longer have school age children, but that does not stop them from supporting the team. Family friendly and exciting, the game provides a night of inexpensive entertainment for the entire town. The well supported team also provides a welcome place for young men to learn good sportsmanship. Regardless of if the Mountain Home Bombers win or lose, the whole town is behind them. It is heart-warming and encouraging to see this level of community participation.

The third thing that I live about living here is of course the availability of rivers, lakes, and vacation accommodations. This means that most of my relatives enjoy visiting me and I can easily put them up for a week in an economical lake resort cabin, thus relieving me of the work and pressure to entertain and cook for them all week. My visitors can fill their days with fishing for trout on the White River, or rent a deck boat, pontoon boat, or jet ski and ride it on either Lake Norfork or Bull Shoals Lake. My family can also enjoy a day trip to visit the Jim Gaston Visitor Center and Bull Shoals Dam. I usually suggest they eat lunch at Gaston’s, which is right on the river, and watch the hundreds of cute hummingbirds as they dine. Sometimes my father books a float trip down the White River with a fishing guide and goes in style. Other times he rents a river boat and navigates it himself, enjoying nature and taking his time going downstream.

The number four thing I like about living here is the low cost of living when compared to metropolitan areas. Home prices are significantly lower than nearby towns such as Memphis, St. Louis, Little Rock, or Springfield, Missouri. The scenery here is stunning and the weather is mild. Food cost is the only weekly living expense that I have found to be slightly higher than in nearby cities. Due to our remote location in the Arkansas Ozarks, the transportation costs to bring in our food and groceries by truck increase the average price. I refuse to shop at the big box mart, since I personally think it is ruining small town America. This means that I shop for groceries at the smaller, employee owned Arkansas franchise grocery store. I pay slight more, but it is worth it to me.

The fifth thing that I believe sets apart living here from living in other places is our culture of participation and community involvement. I have never resided in a town with as many clubs and hobby organizations as we have here. Non-profit charity organizations thrive here. Although due to our budget economy they always are short on funds, these charities are able to provide a level of service to other not available elsewhere since they have so many volunteers. Although Tennessee is the volunteer state, I think Mountain Home outdoes them per capita and the sheer commitment and dedication to volunteerism in our town. This sense of community if evident even in our children and high school kids. They organize themselves and have clean ups and park improvement projects continually throughout the year.

A Movie Review – War Eagle Arkansas

Movie reviews this week looks at the biographical drama War Eagle Arkansas.

This is a fairly recent biographical tale made for the big screen, that tells the story of two boys living in a rural community, War Eagle, Arkansas. The title might elude to it being a war story but it is far from it.

It is a story of a charming disabled boy known affectionately as “Wheels” played brilliantly by Dan McCabe (The Cake Eaters), and his best friend Enoch who has a speech impediment (played impressively well by Luke Grimes [Ryan in Brothers and Sisters]). Enoch lives with his grandfather better known as “Pop”, played by the stalwart Brian Dennehy (Gladiator).

Pop is trying to get Enoch a baseball scholarship into one of the best sporting universities around their area, and it soon becomes obvious to the audience that Pop seems to have regretted giving up his dreams of being a major baseball star and staying in War Eagle, and he doesn’t want that for Enoch, but you are not quite sure if Enoch dreams are to leave War Eagle.

The friendship of the two boys is so close, that at the first few scenes you automatically assume that they are siblings, spending as much time in each other’s company as possible, and Enoch even gets to say the last word to Wheels, after his mother Jessie played by the ever brilliant Mary Kay Place (Adalene Grant in Big Love) gets him ready for bed.

Pop is in charge of the local baseball team, and in his attempt to get Enoch a baseball scholarship, pushes him as best as he can, as he sees it there is nothing in this town, to keep him there. Apart from baseball, there is an allusion to watching wrestling on TV, and one can’t miss the obvious focus on Jerry “The King” Lawler, and can see the symbolism he represents as someone who made it out of war Eagle, Arkansas. There is the usual romantic interest as Enoch has the hots for a lovely girl, Abby played by the surprisingly young looking Misti Traya, and there are a few embarrassing moments for Enoch as he summons the courage to ask Abby out, but of course his speech impediment gets in the way, unless Wheels is by his side to speak for him, and in one painful scene, where Enoch tries to do it alone without Wheels, he leaves in a rush, as the words cannot come out and a few of Abby’s friends can’t help but giggle at his attempt. When he does eventually ask her out, the audience will feel the loneliness and pain Wheels feels, on a life he aspires for but is not realistic of seeing come true.

War Eagle Arkansas, is an endearing movie of two boys, and their friendship as they decide what path their lives are going to take, and they seek advice from the sole preacher at this close knit community, Jack played by James McDaniel (Lt. Arthur Fancy in NYPD Blue).
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Lakes of Cherokee Village, Arkansas

This Arkansas lake community, Cherokee Village is blessed with 7 beautiful Ozark mountain lakes within the 13,000 acre development. Each lake is owned and maintained by the Cherokee Village Suburban Improvement District (CVSID), which was set up by the original developer, Cooper Communities, to take care of the property owner amenities. All of our lakes are fully stocked with largemouth bass, crappie, catfish & bluegill. Enjoy fantastic, low pressured fishing any 1 of the 7 lakes in Cherokee Village, Arkansas.

Our Arkansas Lakes:

Thunderbird – This is the largest of the Cherokee Village, Arkansas lakes, at 264 acres. It’s about 75 feet deep at the dam, with an average depth of around 25 feet deep and over 7 miles of shoreline. There’s also a marina located on Thunderbird. Property owners (and their families and friends) can enjoy fishing, boating and water skiing on this pristine body of water. The lake is fully stocked with largemouth bass, crappie, catfish and bluegill. Thunderbird also has unique distinction that it shares with it’s sister lake, Sequoyah–they’re connected! That’s right, you can boat from one lake to the other.

Sequoyah – At just over 75 acres, it ranks as the 3rd largest lake in the village. It is approximately 55 feet deep at the dam and encompasses over 2.3 miles of shoreline. Owners can enjoy boating, outstanding fishing and a private beach on Sequoyah. And if you get in the mood to do some water skiing, just boat on over to Thunderbird!

Omaha – This is the 2nd largest lake in Cherokee Village, and it also has a marina. At 139 acres and about 40 feet deep at the dam, it has over 4.7 miles of scenic shoreline. The incredible fishing pairs nicely with the water skiing and boating that is offered on Omaha.

Chanute – This lake stands at 65 acres in size with over 2.2 miles of shoreline. Enjoy peaceful fishing at this lake out by the South Golf Course.

Navajo – At 25 feet deep and 64 acres, Navajo is just barely smaller than Lake Chanute, yet it offers the same great fishing with very little pressure.

Cherokee – 37 acres and almost 1.5 miles of shoreline await the angler on this 40 foot deep lake. Teeming with fish, you’ll be amazed at the lack of competition when you launch your boat.

Aztec – The smallest of all Cherokee Village, Arkansas lakes, Aztec is only 19 acres. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in peaceful fishing. Basically undeveloped, this is truly a natural state beauty.

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Arkansas – Hot Springs

Nicknamed the ‘American Spa’, Hot springs National Park in Arkansas is the place to go if a relaxing vacation is what you have in mind. The 6,000 acre park is home to most of the town’s hot springs and geysers.

Till a century ago, these waters were believed to have healing powers. Several bath houses were constructed during that time to cater to the rich merchants who visited the town regularly to bathe in its springs and geysers. These historic bathhouses are a popular tourist attraction today. Most of them are situated in the historic bathhouse district, with eight of the most visited ones on the Grande Promenade.

You can either explore the historic district on your own or take a ranger led guided tours. ‘The Bath House Row Insider Tour’ and ‘Fodyce Bathhouse Tour’ are among the two most popular ranger led programs conducted in the district. Only two of bathhouses in the park are still operational, out of which Fodyce serves as the visitor center and Buckstaff is a spa bathhouse, where you can enjoy a traditional relaxing bath.

Apart from the bathhouses, the park has several gorgeous hiking trails and scenic walks adorned with vividly colored wildflowers and fascinating rock formations. In case you are in the mood for a quiet and relaxing picnic, you can visit Gulpha George, West Mountains, Hot springs or the Grande Promenade. Gulpha George is the designated camp ground in the park. The camping ground has both primitive campsites as well as those with hookups. The usage fee for the well equipped ones is obviously slightly higher. All sites on the camping ground are available on first come first serve basis only. There are some campgrounds outside the forest area as well; the campsites in these grounds are equipped with both hookups and showers.

If you are planning a summer holiday to the Park, you should travel light as the climate here is mild, in winters, however, the temperature can reach below freezing point.

So, ditch those traditional spas this year and visit America’s natural spa instead. You won’t come back disappointed!

Arkansas Churches

Northwest Arkansas Churches

Northwest Arkansas is a great place to live and to attend church. A church however is not the building but the people. The building is simply a place where Christians meet for worship. Some people see a church like a club, perhaps a social club or a service club, and others see a church like a hospital in that it offers healing to those who are spiritually sick, just like Jesus did.

Northwest Arkansas churches come in all denominations and non denominations. Many denominational churches through out Northwest Arkansas tend to leave out the denominational name because it sometimes puts off baby boomers and younger people who do not want to be labeled as a member of any denomination. Some churches in Northwest Arkansas and the United States say all are welcome but instead of preaching grace, the preaching bashes certain groups of people so it is important to see if the messages being taught are those of love, grace and acceptance and not of hate and discrimination. Visit different churches through out Northwest Arkansas and see if they preach acceptance and welcome people from all walks of life. You will probably want to visit several churches before deciding on the one that is right for you and your family.

I believe that the Bible is God’s inspired Word, and therefore is to be our chief guide both for faith and life. Though I take seriously both Christian tradition and the experience of contemporary Christians throughout the world, I believe Scripture has the final word when it comes to matters of grace, faith and practice, including the question of what a church should be.

Non denominational congregations are those Protestant Christian churches, often with a conservative theology, that intentionally stand apart from explicit ties to an organized religious group. Non denominational churches acknowledge that churches are organizations that need competent leadership. However a non denominational church is also one that is not formally affiliated with any denomination.

The first and most important thing to consider in choosing a church is what they believe. Most non denominational churches still adhere to the doctrine of the particular denomination that the pastor came out. Others may focus on political issues, or on social issues, and others on things like family issues.

We at JCC focus on the Word of God, faith and grace. Therefore many people refer to churches like ours as a word of faith church. We believe that the word of God should create faith and that it does so by imparting grace to the hearer. If you are looking for a church that is trying to create a vibrant community that invites people to passionately follow Christ, and imparts grace and faith to the hearer, in Northwest Arkansas, why not try Jubilee Christian Center.

Mena Arkansas

Mena Arkansas is a small town located in the Ouachita Mountains that offers big attractions. It was first started as a community for the railroad as tracks for the Kansas City Southern were being created and slowly took shape into our present town of under 6000 people. Founded by Arthur Edward Stilwell, we maintain several of the older original buildings, including the KCS Depot which now houses a museum and the Mena Chamber of Commerce. Because of our location we are considered the gateway to several of Arkansas’ most well-known attractions and features.

Of those is of course the Ouachita National Forest. You can’t drive 10 miles in any direction without seeing this beautiful natural resource and it is known for the hiking trails, nature walks and photography opportunities. Covering more than 1.8 million acres in central Arkansas and southeastern Oklahoma, the forest is managed for multiple uses, including timber, a wildlife habitat, wilderness management and of course outdoor recreation. The outdoor recreation is focused on camping, fishing, atv trails, lakes, rivers and we maintain several camping sites with access to bathrooms.

Another natural resource of Mena Arkansas is the Cossatot River best known for its white water rapids. With the water level elevated, the river has areas that are class IV and V and will test even the most experienced kayaker. The river is considered a state park-natural area and stretches for 12 miles known as the best whitewater area in mid-America. The river eventually forms the Cossatot Falls which is a rocky canyon where the river drops 33 feet in elevation within only 1/3 of a mile. Early settlers named the area the Cossatot which is actually french for “Skull Crusher” due to the rocky ledges and outcrops that create the rapids. When the river is at a normal water level, it allows visitors the opportunity to swim, float and fish in the most beautiful and scenic river that Arkansas has to offer.

One of the best know highways in Arkansas is the Talimena Scenic Drive. It stretches over the top of the Ouachita Mountains offering 54 miles of the most beautiful scenic areas in Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma. With several prepared photography vistas, the area is frequented all year by tourists and visitors that find opportunities to take photos every few miles. It allows you the opportunity to see the mountains and valleys that create the natural beauty of Arkansas and gives you access to several other attractions along the way, such as the Queen Wilhelmina State Park. The drive itself will allow visitors the opportunity to enjoy canoeing, hang gliding, fishing and whitewater rafting at several different locations along its path. Of course Mena offers some of the best lake access also.

Lake Ouachita is the largest lake in Arkansas and is one of the cleanest lakes in the entire United States. Covering more than 40,000 acres this man-made lake was first developed for flood control and hydroelectric power production. Now know more for its fishing, swimming and boating, the lake offers 900 miles

of shoreline and more than 200 islands to more than 1.2 million visitors each year. With 10 different marinas and over 3,000 boat slips the lake has grown into one of the premier attractions in Arkansas and is easily accessible from Mena.

If you are a nature lover or if you just want to escape from the everyday grind of city life, Mena Arkansas can offer you a vacation like no other. We are proud of our natural resources and scenic beauty and take pride in welcoming visitors to our town. With more scenery and adventure than you can fit into a week, we know that you will be back again and again. Our town offers food, lodging and local events to keep your evenings full after you have spent your days exploring our lakes, forests and local attractions. Come visit Mena Arkansas and see what sets us apart.