Apartments in Arkansas Without a Credit Check

Arkansas is a place that stands out from all other states because of the interesting geography. It is in the southern region of the United States where you will find the Ouachita Mountains. The east side of it is adorned by the Mississippi River.

Are you looking for a new apartment but you are tired of not being able to find a new place to live in just because you have a bad credit? That can really be quite frustrating. When finding apartments, you usually have to present a clean and impressive credit history. What should you do if you do not have this?

The reason why a credit check is necessary when it comes to finding an apartment is because the owner of the place has to ensure that you will be able to pay for the rent. Bad credit would imply that you have been failing when it comes to payment. If you do not have a good credit score, better be a little more strategic when it comes to finding apartments in Arkansas.

Fortunately, there are apartments in Arkansas wherein a credit check is no longer necessary. It may not be too easy to find such apartments especially in major locations like the Arkansas metropolitan area and Little Rock, but with a little strategy, you can find the places that you could rent even if your credit history is not too impressive.

You can pick up one of the magazines or newspapers which advertise available units for rent. If you want to stay in a more populated area, consider Fayetteville, Springdale and Jonesboro. Yet, it may be easier to find apartments with no credit checking in Forrest City, Batesville or El Dorado.

Typically, apartments in Arkansas which do not conduct credit checking are owned by an individual landlord instead of a large property management company. Such landlords usually have just one or two units for rent so they skip on advertisements and credit check, just to have occupants for their available units. Try to check out apartments that are not owned by a large property management company to be able to find apartments in Arkansas which do not require a credit check.

You might not be able to rent an apartment in one of the modern complexes or live in a unit that has impressive furnishing. The important thing is that, you will have an opportunity to move to another place. Once you have improved your credit score, there is always an option for you to find a better place.

How To Find A Business Loan In Arkansas

Arkansas offers a great quality of life to anyone willing to settle in the state. The cost of living is low, the towns are well connected to the rest of the country, and the booming economy is something that business owners will find very attractive. In addition, of course, the great business environment in the state – the state government provides all possible assistance to startups as well as established companies.

Getting a Business Loan in Arkansas:

Getting a business loan is not as difficult as many business owners think it is. You need to have a good business plan to show the lender, and convince them that lending to you carried minimal risk of default.

Business Loans in Arkansas:

Let us look at some of the possible sources of funds for small businesses in Arkansas.

1) Small Business Administration (SBA)

The SBA runs loan programs all over the country, in collaboration with the state governments. Described below are three-loan programs run by the SBA in Arkansas.

1.1) Loan Guarantee Program

The Loan Guarantee Program steps in to help those small businesses that cannot get loans from any other lending institution.

1.2) CAPLines

The CAPLines provides short-term loans related to seasonal work or contract loans.

1.3) Development Company Loans

This loan program provides small busines
ses the means to invest in immovable assets.

1.4) CAIP Loan Program

The CAIP applies to those counties in Arkansas that saw major job cuts after the implementation of NAFTA.

1.5) SBA Express Loan program

The SBA Express works in collaboration with local lenders who are provided incentives to extend micro loans to small businesses.

1.6) Prequalification Loan Program

The prequalification loan program helps small businesses run in rural areas, or run by the disabled, women and armed forces veterans get loans from private lenders.

2) US Department of Agriculture (USDA)

The USDA offers rural business enterprise grants and rural business opportunity grants to entrepreneurs in rural areas. It also offers guarantees to local banks to extend loans to small businesses.

3) Arkansas Department of Economic Development

The Arkansas Department of Economic Development has an extensive loan program in place for small businesses. It offers loans of up to $80,000 to local entrepreneurs. The Arkansas Department of Economic Development also has a Bond Guarantee Program that gives fixed rate, long-term loans to businesses from outside the state to relocate to Arkansas.

Apart from the sources of business loans mentioned above, you can also approach the Arkansas Planning and Development Banks for EDA Revolving Loan fund, the Intermediary Relending Program, as well as private lenders in Arkansas.

You can go through the websites of the organizations mentioned above to get more information on business loans in Arkansas. If you are still not sure how to find a business loan in Arkansas, hire a small business consultant who will keep you updated on all possible loan sources in Arkansas.